Evan Kidd – RockSet Productions

     Welcome to RockSet Productions. Founded by filmmaker Evan Kidd. Striving to create unique and engaging video content for the world to enjoy. Creating films, shorts, music videos, documentaries, marketing videos, live event videography and more. All of which can be seen on the Films, Music Videos, and Corporate/Live Videography portions of the website. Additionally, I aspire to produce intriguing and captivating photos in the photography section on the site. Specializing in everything from band photos to weddings, there is truly nothing better as an artist than capturing the perfect moment for you. Check out the demo reel below to get a sense of what it’s all about. All portions of the website can be navigated and explored via the tabs above.
     No matter what your ideas are, lets work together to make them a reality. Head over to the contact section of the website to get your idea off the ground using the right media to fit your needs. I look forward to creating and sharing unique and engaging content with you for the world to enjoy.
Evan Kidd - RockSet Productions- Evan Kidd (RockSet Productions)

2014 Demo Reel